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Kill Devil Hill: S/T | FESTIVALPHOTO

Kill Devil Hill: S/T




KILL DEVIL HILL sounds like someone running out of good ideas for a band name. But behind these words stands none other than Vinnie Appice of BLACK SABBATH and DIO fame, and bassist Rex Brown, formerly of PANTERA. Also appearing are vocalist Dewey Bragg who resembles Layne Staley of ALICE IN CHAINS, and guitarist Mark Zavon who has been involved with the likes of RATT and WWIII. Power and force is promised, and a fantastic new album. Well, here goes…

Grooves! I think that may well sum up this album. Slow songs and a lack of refrain might also be in the cards. I have noted everything from yawns to a new take on the likes of BLACK SABBATH, HEAVEN & HELL, and even FLOTSAM & JETSAM! CORROSION OF CONFORMITY might be another comparison, not least in the ok “Rise from the Shadows”. New and old styles meet, the more pace the better songs, like “Old Man” and “We´re All Gonna Die”. But the ultimate reason to see the band skyrocket towards fame and fortune is not really present.

Track List
War Machine
Voodoo Doll
Gates of Hell
Rise from the Shadows
We´re All Gonna Die
Time & Time Again
Old Man
Mysterious Ways
Up in Flames

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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