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Crazy Lixx: Riot Avenue | FESTIVALPHOTO

Crazy Lixx: Riot Avenue




Swedish band CRAZY LIXX has been in the spotlight since 2007, when they debuted with “Loud Minority”. Formed in Malmoe in 2002 they were a part of the New Wave of Swedish Sleaze alongside the likes of CRASHDIET and HARDCORE SUPERSTAR. Up to date they have released three albums, of which their second effort, “New Religion” had potential but also flaws. Sporting influences like KISS and GUNS´N`ROSES they go for the throat with “Riot Avenue”.
Opener “Whisky Tango Foxtrot” has balls and cocky lyrics, just like I expected.

It´s not a bad opener at all, but “Rock and a Hard Place” off “New Religion” was in all honesty better. This album has more balls than a lorry of male birds, but also some serious experiences of having heard it all before. Still the likes of “Young Blood” and “Fire It Up” are on par with the much touted idols of the band. And to the idols despair I´d say that “Church of Rock” is a track that many of them would kill to come up with these days… There are grooves, refrains and hair metal heaven lyrics of heedlessness and hedonism all over the place. I somewhere detect the vibe of KILLER DWARVES “Dirty Weapons” album from 1990. I quite enjoyed the VENGEANCE like “Sweet, Bad and Beautiful” and the total party mania of “Downtown”, but it all rings far too familiar in my ears. Still I have kept this one in my player for longer than many albums in 2012, so it is reminiscence with a smile. But the somewhat pubertal closing track “Only the Dead Knows” is definitely not the sweetest way of closing the procedures. If this one would have been released in the eighties we know the story, now it will not bring in the millions, alas.

Track List
Whisky Tango Foxtrot
Young Blood
Riot Avenue
Fire It Up
In the Night
Church of Rock
Sweet, Bad and Beautiful
Be Gone
Only the Dead Know

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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