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Deride: The Void | FESTIVALPHOTO

Deride: The Void



Massacre/Sound Pollution

Thrashers DERIDE of Norway return with their third album. They soon opted for agro, after forming in Bergen in 1995. A self recorded EP and a demo secured them a deal with the Music Cartel. Two albums followed, “Scars of Time” in 2001 and “First Round Knockout” in 2003. The band went into hiatus for some time afterwards, returning with this release for Massacre. Today the band consists of original members Ole Walaunet, guitars and Tony Vetaas, bass/vocals, plus Kjetil Greve, drums, and Per Helge Lande, vocals.

The band has recorded the album themselves, and done a good job achieving an airy sound. The whole album seems devoid of refrains and filled with thrash in a modern form and shrill vocals. Most of the songs render an “ok” tag, some fare less well, like the far too modern “Fallen” or the vocal experiment laden “Bloodred & Black”. Still, the mix sounds better to me in “All Must Be Revealed” and “Soul Depart”, the latter has an interesting duet character. But as a whole this was no listening pleasure.

Track List
I Rage
Dead to Me
Bloodred & Black
Only One
All Must Be Revealed
Soul Depart
Devil in Me
Lesson Learned

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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