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Donnie Vie: Wrapped Around My Middle Finger | FESTIVALPHOTO

Donnie Vie: Wrapped Around My Middle Finger




DONNIE VIE is the central figure of NUFF´Z´NUFF, the ever evolving pop metal band. 16 releases on he is on his own with a quartet. Live they do both band and solo stuff, but here is a brand new album from the singer/songwriter. There will surely be attitude and routine, but the rest?

The title track has Rock´n´Roll fuel paired with something catchy and compelling, plus a fun refrain. But the slow movers tend to take over the album, rendering it somewhat tame. “Wonderland” is BEATLES´Z´NUFF as usual, but it takes until “Lil´ Wonder” before the album is interesting again, leaving four cuts pretty slow and stale, though they show sign of craftsmanship. The rest of the album, four more songs, are perhaps both stereotype and emotional and rocking in a VIE way. “Flames of Love” is good, the sincere balladry of “I Won´t Let You Down”. But as a whole, this is not up to par with most of the NUFF´Z´NUFF output.

Track List
Wrapped Around My Middle Finger
Daddy´s Girl
Now Ya Know
No Escape
Lil´ Wonder
Flames of Love
Rattle On
I Won´t Let You Down
Smokin´ Hot Lollipop

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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