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Oliver Dawson Saxon: Motorbiker | FESTIVALPHOTO

Oliver Dawson Saxon: Motorbiker



Angel Air/Border

1979 saw the release of SAXON´s self-titled debut, and the success that followed with classics like ”Wheels of Steel”, “Strong Arm of the Law”, “Denim and Leather” etc. was unmitigated. In 1986 bass player and major song contributor Steve “Dobby” Dawson was fired and the formula was starting to crack. 1995 saw Graham Oliver being ousted, and the direction of the band change. The former members were involved in a bit of this and that, solo albums, UZI and then, in 1996, the release of the SON OF A BITCH, the name of one of the bands that initially became SAXON, album “Victim You”, featuring THUNDERHEAD singer Ted Bullet. The band metamorphosed into Oliver Dawson SAXON, and ex. SLASH vocalist John “Wardi” Ward was appointed new frontman. The rest of the band was, and is, Graham and Steve, plus ex SAXON drummer Nigel Durham and guitarist Haydn Conway (ex. SARACEN). The battle that ensued was fought in court, and as rumors say, by Biff´s record company SPV oppressing OLIVER DAWSON SAXON as best they could. Nevertheless OLIVER DAWSON SAXON has carried on, releasing mostly live albums and the occasional new song, but here is a full-length studio album. Who carries the legacy onwards best?

Opener “Chemical Romance” and the woeful techno of “No Way Out”, which is probably the latest version of the controversial “One Sour Kraut” from a few years back, are the major let downs of the album. Apart from those two tracks the obvious biker friendly though rather more heavy approach to the classic SAXON sound is omnipresent. The title track is the 21 ct version of the speedy and heavy signature song “Motorcycle Man”, “Whippin´ Boy” is a sleazy and heavy continuance of the heritage while “Just Another Suicide” is a (great) soft and tender version of the band I haven´t seen before. The latest renditions of old faithful “Ghost”, “World´s Gone Crazy” and the rhyming “Nursery Crimes” are injected with venom and have a better production than previously. The wicked humor of “Nevada Beach” is all in the SAXON of old vein, and “Hell in Helsinki” must be an experience made. If you like your SAXON raw and authentic…this is the album to own. The historic parts are almost gone, but the romance with the biker side of things is well attended to.

Track List
Chemical Romance
Whippin´ Boy
No Way Out
Just Another Suicide
Nevada Beach
Screaming Eagles
World´s Gone Crazy
Hell in Helsinki
Nursery Crimes

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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