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Nick Simper & Nasty Habit: Live at Szene Vienna | FESTIVALPHOTO

Nick Simper & Nasty Habit: Live at Szene Vienna



Angel Air/Border

Angel Air has a way of finding old bands and musicians to cherish their legacy and new output. Nick Simper was part of DEEP PURPLE Mk 1, but was let go along with Rod Evans after the first three albums. That very period is the focus of this album. Invited by Austrian band NASTY HABITS, the pair is accidentally working on a debut album nowadays, Nick brings to life songs that today´s DEEP PURPLE don´t play live. Apart from “Hush” I believe. It all started when drummer Peter Brkusic and friends visited England to see a gig with THE GOOD OLD BOYS, featuring Nick and two ex WARHORSE personnel etc. One fast decision later Peter booked the band for a gig in his home town, which led to the gig captured here. NASTY HABITS, Peter on drums, guitarist Christian Heissenberger, bass player/vocalist Christian Schön, and keys player Helmut Pusschacher was formed in 1989, and have shared stages with the likes of UFO and GLENN HUGHES. Is this the ultimate tribute to the first DEEP PURPLE era?

Without much ado the band goes into gear with the instrumental “And the Address”. Nick´s soft and very English voice tends to present the tracks, while for the occasion vocalist only Christian does his best to do his interpretation of the Ian Gillan marked lyrics. It is a nice twist to follow your style, but it also steers the band slightly off track. Otherwise the guitar work is very ok, while Peter sounds quite a lot like Ian Paice and Helmut has a fine go at Jon Lord´s magnitude (R.I.P). Songs like “Mandrake Root”. “Emmaretta”, first US single “Kentucky Women”, the typically Brit humored “Why Didn´t Rosemary” and the piece de la resistence “Hush” deserves to be played more often. Nick´s voice brings credibility to the proceedings as we don´t get the wrong accents when songs like “Bird Has Flown” are presented. I could be persuaded to see the band if they ever get to Sweden, and I think there is more to Nick – if they can come up with a good studio outing. The track “Slinky” is certainly written in tune with the rest, and they might become for DEEP PURPLE what Sebastian Faulks is for the continuation of Ian Fleming.

Track List, same for CD and DVD
And the Address
The Painter
Mandrake Root
Chasing Shadows
Wring that Neck
Bird Has Flown
Why Didn´t Rosemary
Roadhouse Blues
Kentucky Women

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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