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Ohmphrey: S/T



Ohmphrey: S/T
Magna Carta/Border

OHMPHREY is an idea made to work by OHM guitarist CHRIS POLAND (ex MEGADETH, solo, OHM), three members of UMPHREY`S MCGEE (keyboard player Joel Cummins, guitarist Jake Cinniger and drummer Kris Myers) plus OHM bassist Robertino Pagliari (a.k.a. Pag). According to the info thi is a project that mixes totally different genres and the individual playing styles of everyone involved.
What can you expect? I always expect quality from Magna Carta and the tender sound picture that is painted in “Someone Said You Were Dead” with its venomous guitar riff is in that league. It is fine instrumental music written for twin guitars and some very nice bass lines. The jam band UMPHREY´S MCGEE mixed with metal guitarist Chris Poland seems an odd marriage but their fusion is quality with neat melodies. And it is a blend with nothing typical of any genre in “The Girl from Chi Town”. Bassist Pag is important to the overall sound, who said that the bass player had to be the least capable guitarist? I detect some RUSH, fusion, instrumental guitarists, jam, well it is an exciting mixture. As is appropriate in the genre the titles are imaginary; “Denny´s by the Jail” and “Ice Cream” sort of says that this lacks vocals. Without full distortion I still suspect that Chris gets to play the somewhat more raunchy parts. Jake is still an interesting guitarist with his jamming. This music has to be experienced, it is varied and well-executed. Do not expect any thundering metal but a lot of well-produced ear candy.

Track List Someone Said You Were Dead The Girl from Chi Town Denny´s by the Jail Ice Cream Lake Shore Drive Not Afraid of the Dark Shrooms´n´Cheese What´s the Word, Thunderbird

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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