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Status Minor: Ouroboros | FESTIVALPHOTO

Status Minor: Ouroboros



Lion Music/Border

STATUS MINOR debuted in 2009 with “Dialog”, and now strikes while the iron is hot. The concept album hovers on the subject of the love-related cycle. The foundation of the band was laid by Sami Saarinen in 2002, and has stabilized to the stable line-up of Sami on guitars, vocalist Markku Kuikka, keyboardist Jukka Karinen, bassist Eero Pakkanen and drummer Rolf PIlve, many of whom are parts of more bands. This album is said to be more straightforward than the prima opus, has a bigger feel and is more heavy and cohesive. Not bad…

“The Wind” creates that effect, as promised. The riff immediately makes me think of classical music, and there is absolutely no lack of progressiveness. The beautiful and well-arranged “Hollow” is certainly more cohesive. But the short and rather pointless “Confidence and Trust” is not an improvement and the modern sounding and somewhat slow-moving “Stain” is a repetition of the dreary 90´s metal that I´ve had enough of long ago. The ending is a major lift-up again; “Smile” is a swift piece with a lot of force and a great arrangement, “Flowers Die” is an emotional ballad with the heart in the right place and the long-ish “Sail Away” ends in a handcrafted way with a bonafide progressive touch and a smart and fanciful refrain. I´ll agree to most the info says, with one or two tracks as an exception of the rule.

Track List
The Wind
Glass Wall
Like a Dream
Confidence and Trust
Flowers Die
Sail Away

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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