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Michael Thompson Band: Future Past | FESTIVALPHOTO

Michael Thompson Band: Future Past




MICHAEL THOMPSON is a solid guitar player. An alumnus of Berklee College of Music he has provided his craft for such luminaries as THE SCORPIONS, VINCE NEIL, MICHAEL BOLTON…and even MICHAEL JACKSON. He has also recorded the legend album “How Long”, under the moniker MICHAEL THOMPSON BAND. That very album was re-released about five years ago by Frontiers, and here is the next step. This time around the MICHAEL THOMPSON BAND consists of; vocalist Larry King of SOLEIL MOON, drummer Khan Parker and bass player Alan Berliant.

The basic mood is gentle and caressing. The distortion is moderate and the refrain somewhat faded but still the craftsmanship shines through. The same goes for the slightly raunchier “Can´t Be Right”, “Beautiful Mystery” with its JOHN WAITE-story, and the yet again somewhat rockier “End Game”. The rerecording of “Can´t Miss” is not lethargic either. But there is way too many saucy ballads that make me reach for the fwd-button. Shouldn´t be that way when one of the most respected guitarists returns with a new album to his legendary band name…

Track List
High Times
Can´t Be Right
Future Past
When You Love Someone
Here I Am
Beautiful Mystery
Break Me Down
End Game
Gypsy Road
Can´t Miss (2012)
Fight for Your Life

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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