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Mike Paradine Group: Death in the Family | FESTIVALPHOTO

Mike Paradine Group: Death in the Family



Mike Paradine/Digital Only iTunes, Amazon etc

How often do you get a genuine product in your hand with close to a 100 % heart and soul? Ask yourself that question with Eurovision Song Contest prone bands, manager tricks and doctored live albums. Then have a listen to MIKE PARADINE GROUP! Mike who? Let´s not be bigoted. Mike is an all in all Bayonne New Jersey product who barely escaped cancer in his teens, hence the subject/title of the album. His cronies are mostly Michael Clayton Moore on vocals and Dave “Ghost” Manheim, who handles vocals, guitars, bass and keys. More guitars comes courtesy of “Kilroy”, sometimes Mike sings to, and, an eyebrow raiser, Richard Holmgren of WOLF!

From the humble beginnings of a barely ok opener in the shape of “Venom and Piss”, the group accelerates with the cancerous track “Rise Up from the Grave”. A great refrain is surrounded by a classic metal styled track and it all goes straight to the heart of an eighties aficionado. Some variation is provided, necessary at most but it varies from GUNS´N´ROSES styled punk to metal in a harsh way. That affects some tracks that don´t really sound like they come from the heart. But apart from a very similar cover of KISS “Parasite” and the “overly charming” “Suzie with an Uzi”, plus the slightly too rough and less refrain focused “Monster´s Ball” The MPG delivers! “Taste My Fist” is Mike getting back at cancer with a metal vengeance, “Bow to the Queen” is revenge on an ex. sister, and the sad but caressing “Dust” deals with 9/11. But most of all, there is “These Are the Days”! Did you grow up on metal in the eighties? If so you will relate to the track, if you like rough JOHN WAITE-like story telling you will enjoy the track, and most of all – there is nothing doctored about the way it happened. All in all, some flaws, but a mighty hail to Mike for being a metal warrior in heart and soul!

Track List
Venom and Piss
Rise Up from the Grave
Monster´s Ball
On a Tuesday Morning
These Are the Days
Parasite (KISS Cover)
Suzie with an Uzi
Taste My Fist
Bow Down to the Queen

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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