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Great White: Elation | FESTIVALPHOTO

Great White: Elation




Back to the roots by a media covered ”divorce” from former vocalist Jack Russell and the addition of the voice of XYZ. GREAT WHITE had their best sales back in 1989, with the slick and sticky “…Twice Shy album”. What many seem to forget is that they started out already in 1977, around vocalist Jack. Guitarist Mark Kendall was there already, and the pair were joined by bass player Don Costa, of OZZY OSBOURNE fame, and Tony Richards, who was later found in WASP. The band, then known as DANTE FOX, found a manager in Alan Niven, and opted for world domination with the EP “Stick It Out”. A self-titled debut followed in 1984, which won them a support slot opening for WHITESNAKE. Today the band has been through a lot of member changes, 12 studio albums, seven live albums, ten or more greatest hits…etc. 2010 saw upheaval as Jani Lane (R.I.P.), Paul Shortino (KING KOBRA) and Terry Ilous (XYZ) filled in for Jack for various reasons. It all ended with the media battle and Trry staying on as vocalist for the version with the instrument players, while Jack found a new backing band and formed his own version. To be continued! In the meantime, did this album get enough focus during a time of commotion?

The sheer conviction and rock´n´roll of an absolute majority of the tracks says YES! Opener “(I´ve Got) Something for You” is not even the best on offer, but still it´s convincing enough. Their latest outing “Rising” was stale in comparison, and the attitude continues through out. “Feelin´ so Much Better” is at least as good as anything from their heyday. They seem to reminisce going on tour with David Coverdale in the past in “Love Train” which is very 70-ies WHITESNAKE-esque, as is closing track “Complicated”. Another highlight is “Shotgun Willie´s”, which paints a picture of a seedy bar where the action is. The bonus track is a surprising fave, grittier and more oomph in the guitar makes a pulsating track that would have been a perfectly suitable part of any album the band is proud of. Anyway, this is one for the best of 2012, no doubt what so ever.

Track List
(I´ve Got) Something for You
Feelin´ so Much Better
Love Train
Heart of a Man
Hard to Say Goodbye
Shotgun Willie´s
Promise Land
Lowdown (Bonus Track)
Just for Tonight
Love Is Enough

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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