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Freedom Call: Land of the Crimson Dawn | FESTIVALPHOTO

Freedom Call: Land of the Crimson Dawn




Formed in 1998 by GAMMA RAY drummer Dan Zimmerman and vocalist/guitarist Chris Bay, the band went on to stardom, healthy sales, extensive touring and unexpected member changes. Their debut “Stairway to Fairyland” got them a good start in 1999 and all in all this is their seventh full-length release. Today´s lineup lacks Dan, who left in 2010, but Chris remains, while guitarist Lars Rettkowitz, bassist Sammy Saemann and drummer Klaus Sperling complete the ranks. 14 new tracks are on offer here, all fantasy and no doubt power metal with some imagination added.

The bag-pipe sounding “Age of the Phoenix” does a respectable job as an opener, but the almost silly and somewhat ESC friendly “Rockstars” does it even better. The over-adaptation of melody and power to the masses may be hard to muster for some, but the concept will work. “Crimson Dawn” is equally ridiculously well measured but the almost pop-like refrain will do the trick. The sing-along “66 Warriors” almost hits jackpot too, but misses by a millimeter. This is the most plusses I´ve jotted down this year. But some might say that “Hero on Video” is closer to BUCKS FIZZ than heavy metal, or that the slick aimed and polished songs lack in spontaneity and true metal. Well, ther are two songs athat I think are way too average; “Rockin´ Radio” is like a radio spot, and “Power & Glory” is simplicity in action and a blatant attempt at a simple live favorite. Apart from those two this is almost water-combed, but damned efficient at winning over fans!

Track List
Age of the Phoenix
Crimson Dawn
66 Warriors
Back into the Land of Light
Sun in the Dark
Hero on Video
Valley of Kingdom
Killer Gear
Rockin´ Radio
Terra Liberty
Space Legends
Power & Glory

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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