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Andromeda: Manifest Tyranny | FESTIVALPHOTO

Andromeda: Manifest Tyranny



Inner Wound/Sound Pollution

Swedish quintet ANDROMEDA dates back to 1999. Six albums and one DVD later they are well-known in Scandinavia and Europe. They have played ProgPOwer USA and Slottsskogen Goes Progressive, and this is said to be their most mature effort so far.

This might be over the wall even in prog circles. Opener “Preemptive Strike”is a piece of advanced musical gymnastics, and quite heavy for its kind. “Lies´r´Us” heads down the same path, twisted even to the limit of not being engaging. They get away far better with the compelling “Stay Unaware” and the rather cozy “Survival of the Richest”. A tad of heedless thrash is probably present in the stomping “False Flag” but everything pales in comparison with the chanting “Chosen by God”. But that is later followed up by “Antidote, which is slightly neoclassic, sports a fine 80´s style refrain a keyboard solo of class. What makes ANDROMEDA interesting is their ability to be diverse in an easygoing effortless way. Their ulti-prog is spiced up with many musical influences, in sparse doses, and a heaviness unusual for the genre. I think I will follow suit and do as the info says, “Open Your Ears and you too will transcend into the multifaceted galaxy of Andromeda!”

Track List
Preemptive Strike
Lies`r´ Us
Stay Unaware
Survival of the Richest
False Flag
Chosen by God
Play Dead
Go Back to Sleep

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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