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House of Shakira: HoS | FESTIVALPHOTO

House of Shakira: HoS



Lion Music/Border

Fellow Swedes of long running melodic progressive hard rockers HOUSE OF SHAKIRA are back, now slightly revamped. Originating from 1991 the band has released nine albums, all in all, and a live DVD. Named after a bordello the band are serious enough, and have revised their situation 2007, when their previous full-length album came out. New to the band are drummer Martin Larsson, bass man Basse Blyberg and vocalist Andreas Novak, ex MIND´S EYE. The info says that necessary changes were made prior to begin recording their new album, more focused than ever. Let´s check them out.

The band has changed substantially since last time around. I think the new refrain orientation is very positive. “Opener Brick Wall Falling” has a fine refrain but is not an extravagant opener. HOUSE OF SHAKIRA has left some of the boringness of 2007 behind in favor of forceful tunes carried by a forceful voice. But they still tend to produce tracks like “Changes in Mind” and “Carry My Load”, which are both fine but lacks something in passion and spark. The eastern tinged “Zodiac Maniac” suits Andreas´s voice fine and has a contagious groove. “Fractions of Love” has touches of NIGHT RANGER while “All Aboard!” is very much in the RUSH vein. The variation is there, “What Goes Around…” is even reminiscent of the newly vitalized MR BIG. Other fine tracks are the classical hard rock of “I´ll Be Gone” and the beautiful ballad “Lost in Transition”. I also like “Endless Night” with its 80´s flavor and addition of HOUSE OF SHAKIRA structure and musical ability. But the number of ok songs is too high. This band has a lot to offer but tend to come across as bland. Maybe next time around…

Track List
Brick Wall Falling
Changes in Mind
Carry My Load
Zodiac Maniac
Fractions of Love
Midnight Hunger
Endless Night
All Aboard!
What Goes Around...
I´ll Be Gone
Voice in the Void
Lost in Transition
Out of My Head

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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