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Torment: Tormentizer | FESTIVALPHOTO

Torment: Tormentizer



Torment: Tormentizer
Pain Inc./Dockyard 1

TORMENT celebrates 25 years in the business with this album. They debuted in 1987 with “Bestial Sex” and have during the years moved from thrash to thrash´n´roll. They are apparently a mad live act, it remains to find out how mad their fifth album really is.
The opener and title track has a steady 80´s beat and a refrain that sour of pounds its way in. They are not far from the TANKARD of the eighties sound-wise. That feeling lingers in “Let´s Get Extreme”. Vocalist Jörn Ruter sounds like a rougher version of Andreas Geremia. Karsten Overbeck might not get any awards in Guitar World but the riffs are simple and effective though. I wonder if they aren´t lookalikes of RUMBLE MILITIA. Chris Gripp and Tom Ramone (someone of the original band might have a bastard son) also stick with simple and stable – never forget how far that formula has brought MOTÖRHEAD. “Heavy Metal Whorehouse” sounds like WEEZER meets RAMONES met some serious distortion. Old fans of TANKARD will surely like “I Hate the System”, a stubborn riff, a real in-your-face refrain and no mercy whatsoever. The songs are positioned around the three minute mark and only a cut above in average. They are still mainly flying the thrash flag, and a good deal of TORMENT-HEAD and TORMENT-MONES. That is a simple way of saying that the ballads are on hold. The album is exactly what is needed to get an Oktoberfest going. This is no fine picking but at a well beer-ed festival this will go down a storm, totally ok.

Track List Tormentizer Let´s Get Extreme Nothing to Repent Heavy Metal Whorehouse I Hate the System Wind of Change Stalker Temptress Crystal Meth We Are the Boys Politics and Religion The Ones You Love to Hate A Tribute

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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