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Ulverheim: När Dimman Lättar | FESTIVALPHOTO

Ulverheim: När Dimman Lättar



Soulseller Records/Sound Pollution

ULVERHEIM started as Ulverheim, ex. THORNIUM, wanted to do a solo project. In 2009 a three song demo materialized, “Svart Tystnad” and in 2010 Kali-Ma, ex THORNIUM, joined on bass. Soulseller signed the band and during 2011 the lineup was completed by drummer Fuhrgast and guitarist Hellmaker. The debut album features Jonas Lindblood of PUTRAEON on vocals and a solo on “Bomberna Faller”.

ULVERHEIM soon turns out be fans of intros, and to a certain extent outros. The sound is quite typical of a black metal band, the guitars, the drums and the vocals. They do some thrashy grooves at times, and they are good at creating atmospheres. The black metal drumming hampers the album on many occasions, not least as the grinding absolutely destroys every ounce of atmosphere. The ending of the album is the best part, “Dödens Väg”, the quite thrashing “Bomberna Faller” and the ambitious epic “Pest” offers more of a distinctive style than the previous six tracks altogether. I think ULVERHEIM does well to focus on their atmospheric strengths in the future.

Track List
Allting är dött
Rop från de döda
När dimman lättar
Levande Begravd
Dödens väg
Bomberna faller

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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