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Hatesphere: The Great Bludgeoning | FESTIVALPHOTO

Hatesphere: The Great Bludgeoning



Napalm/Sound Pollution

Danish thrash force HATESPHERE has released one single, two EP´s and seven albums, including this one, quite a lot. Founder Peter “Pepe” Hansen remains in the band, which has changed quite a few members over the years. Today the ranks are made of Jimmy Nedergaard, bass, Mike Park, drums, Jakob Nyholm, guitars, and Esben “Esse” Hansen on vocals. The band seems to be heading back to a more old school sound and an uncompromising album is promised.

The album is actally more cheerful than the cover says. The joyful eighties thrash riffs on offer here, the grooves and the cracked party voice of Esse is quite convincing. The downside of their approach is that when they hold back on the refrain the music falls more flat and seem directionless, as in the title track, “Devil in Your Own Hell” and “Smell of Death”. I also think they should steer clear of short intermissions like “The Wail of My Threnode”, which is barely ok. But when the Danes go for a heedless 80´s style they will acquire new fans. I wish for more in the vein of “Venom”, an acoustic opening, a happy touch in a dark but groovy killer song. Or why not “Need to Kill”, the melodic touch is masterful and could certainly spill over on more tracks without HATESPHERE playing for empty clubs. Very alright, but with a promise for more once the band finds stability in the ranks.

Track List
The Killer
Smell of Death
The Wail of My Threnode
Resurrect with a Vengeance
The Great Bludgeoning
Need to Kill
Devil in Your Own World

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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