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Theocracy: As the World Bleeds | FESTIVALPHOTO

Theocracy: As the World Bleeds



Ulterium/Sound Pollution

US heavy metal band THEOCRACY goes against the grain. They use choruses, epic arrangements and progressive elements to an extent that is not American. Since their self titled debut in 2003 they´ve done some live work, in the US and in Europe, plus released a follow-up, the acclaimed “Mirror of Souls”. This is the difficult third album, and to start on the right foot they hired Mika Jussila (STRATOVARIUS, NIGHTWISH) for mixing, and Felipe Machado Franco (BLIND GUARDIAN, ICED EARTH) for the cover artwork.

The music in itself is not bad, but you can easily get the wrong idea from the opener “”I AM”. The lack of force, the long upstart and other odd traits almost makes it look like red tape in musical terms before the track even get started. To my surprise the second track, “The Master Storyteller”, sports a good refrain, a fine riff and force enough for both tracks. But THEOCRACY seems to be saving the best for last. The second half of the album is by far the most entertaining. Save the well arranged filler “Drown” they hit the pedal to the metal from the thoughtful power ballad “The Gift of Music” onwards. There is something cozy about the band, apart from their high level of musicianship. The catchy “Altar to the Unknown God” emphasizes their hit potential as well. They actually almost turn HALLOWEEN-speedy in the whoaah-whooah laden “Light of the World” and the closing title track is a religious variation with a lot more going for it than the chosen mystery of an opener. This is quite excellent, just press fwd when the first track s l o w l y unfolds…

Track List
The Master Storyteller
Hide in the Fairytale
The Gift of Music
30 Pieces of Silver
Altar to the Unknown God
Light of the World
As the World Bleeds

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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