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Crossfade: Secret Love | FESTIVALPHOTO

Crossfade: Secret Love



Songwork AB/Sound Pollution

Wow. CROSSFADE started out as a duo in 1999 in Skövde, Sweden. Lars Hallbäck, guitars, and Richard Stenström, keyboards were introduced and a musical journey was set in motion. They debuted in 2004 with “White on Blue”, and were compared to the likes of TOTO, CHICAGO and THE EAGLES. Great reviews flooded them and they stayed out on what was to become this album, a full seven years later! No touring has taken place, and there seems to be no plans for it either. But on this album you will find caressing harmonies, the voice of one Göran Edman, Hallbäck´s guitar sound and the hit potential of AOR and westcoast.

I dare you to find a more complete album in 2009! The opener “A Wonderful Illusion” is one of the two weakest tracks, being only a 4/5 piece… The pits is “Heart of a hero”, since I don´t care much for harmonicas, Mats Ronander or not. But the remaining nine songs are pure enjoyment American style. Remember the hits of TOTO et al, you´ll find their missing pieces here. The title track is completely bedazzling, the same goes for “Waiting for a Miracle”. The first would have raised TOTO´s bar an inch, the second is soothing westcoast, they way most people want it. The overall sound is great, the musicians simply excel themselves and no one can possibly be disappointed with this album. Unless you have problems with more relaxing music that is…

Track List
A Wonderful Illusion
Secret Love
Brave New World
Closer to the Fire
Don´t Ask Me Why
Heart of a Hero
Waiting for a Miracle
Seconds and Eons
In My Mind
Borrowdale Reprise

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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