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The Devil´s Blood: The Thousandfold Epicentre | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Devil´s Blood: The Thousandfold Epicentre



Ván/Sound Pollution

THE DEVIL`S BLOOD consists of SL/TDB/A-O and F/TDB/MOS. They are on a mission from the god of Gehenna, prepared to vanish into thin air once their mysterious aim is achieved. My, my… But they seem to be a formation to count on, and their debut “The Time of no Time Evermore” seems to have done them well. Anyway, one more spin then.

THE DEVIL`S BLOOD is not afraid of silence, pianos, almost hypnotic patterns, guitars or keyboards. There is something uncanny about them, something ever so calculated. When they stick to song material like “On the Wings of Gloria” or “Die the Death”, somewhat seventies influenced, well thought out arrangements, crescendos, hypnotic and with varied styles they are at their best. Even the brooding and gloomy “She”, with a social realistic lyric and doomy message is alright, as well as “”Fire Burning”, their flirtation with THE DOORS. But when they start to vanish from the radar and you wonder if they ran out of studio time in feeble songs like “Everlasting Saturnalia” and “Feverdance”, they end up being pathetic! The good sides are outweighted by the band because the less entertaining songs are not exactly the shortest. Too bad, this lot, like JEX THOTH and a few others dare to mix the occult with an all but evil outline, making them the heirs to bands like (early) DEMON and WITCHFYNDE. But, alas, as the sound fades…so does my interest.

Track List
Unending Singularity
On the Wings of Gloria
Die the Death
Within the Charnel House of Love
Cruel Lover
The Thousandfold Epicentre
Fire Burning
Everlasting Saturnalia
The Madness of Serpents

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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