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Nemesea: The Quiet Resistance | FESTIVALPHOTO

Nemesea: The Quiet Resistance



Napalm/Sound Pollution

Dutch formation NEMESEA return with their third outing. This time, the info says more mature, modern and contemporary. The guitars and vocalist Manda Ophuis are mentioned as the band´s strongholds, and the song material is apparently outstanding. Let´s find out!

The title track is apparently a sub-minute intro of sorts. Not much to brag about and what´s with the idea of having tracks that are not real instrumentals, neither real songs? Anyway, the album is filled with quite modern but also very attractive modern rock, a lot of synth elements, maybe too many, and the fantastic voice of Manda. The promised guitar work (by Hendrik Jan (HJ) De Jong is really in the background. But the keys/electronics by Lasse Dellbrugge is at the front of most of the songs. I get the feeling of a very varied set of influences. The rock is often weaker than the 80´s synth influence. Still they are listenable enough, even highly so in the ballad “If You Could”, the duet “It´s Over”plus the ESC material “Afterlife” and the very alternative rocker “Caught in the Middle”. But the genre might be wrong. Alternative rock requires more rock, if you ask me. But still the music is entertaining and well executed.

Track List
The Quiet Resistance
Caught in the Middle
If You Could
High Enough
It´s Over
I Live
Stay with Me
Release Me

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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