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Lucky Thir13n: March of the Young | FESTIVALPHOTO

Lucky Thir13n: March of the Young



Lucky Thir13n

Greek band LUCKY THIR13N are actually mixed by DANGER DANGER man Bruno Ravel and have supported CRASHDIET and W.A.S.P. The young Greeks; Elias Elias, vocals/guitars, Nash, lead guitars, Alex “Tze”, bass, and drummer Tsaky Dee, seems to be on the right track…or?

The opening intro begins with guitars and flute? Some spread vocals comes in at the end, but it´s not an instrumental... or a song. The catchy “Feels Like Coming Home” warms up for the best song on the album, the more complete and less patchy sounding “Get in My Way”. From then on the young age and inexperience of the band takes over. The beginner´s charm wears out after a few tracks and the guest spots annoy me the most. A growler, a rap singer, the list goes on. Some good refrains are waysted this way, but their mix of NICKELBACK and hockey arena chants doesn´t linger. “Yeah I Want It” is pure chewing gum pop, and the closing track “Say Goodbye” ends after foiur out of six promised minutes, transforming into an odd instrumental. I´m not sure about this album, but after all, many bands have started out prior to their drinking age.

Track List
Alibi (Intro)
Feels Like Coming Home
Get in My Way
Rivers Run Dry (Featuring Invoker)
Another Memory
Forever Free (March of the Young)
Yeah, I Want It
R´n´R (Featuring DJ Vivian)
Operation Overload
Say Goodbye

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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