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Vendetta: Feed the Extermination | FESTIVALPHOTO

Vendetta: Feed the Extermination



Massacre/Sound Pollution

German old school giants VENDETTA returns with their fourth album in 24 years. More cult than VENDETTA sounds impossible! Starting out in 1984 only Klaus “Heiner” Ullrich on bass remains, lead vocalist Mario Vogel came aboard in 2002, guitarist Frank Schölch in 2007, and drummer Thomas “Lubber” Krämer in 2002. An almost totally different band made the classics “Go and Live…Stay and Die” (1987) and “Brain Damage” (1988). First disbanding in 1990, the band must have noticed the great interest via the internet and came back around 2003 with a demo, a precursor to their comeback album “Hate” in 2007. But can anything beat the old Teutonic terror they created in the late eighties on Noise Records?

They sure opens with the title track, but the lack of steam is tangible. The more old school faithful “Tremendous Brutality” feels better on the palate, but they move up further with the quite excellent “Cancer”. The riffs are definitely there, but the fear of refrains seems to be in place also? In spite of every thrashing word bending in the word (what a chorus “De-Organ-izer” could have been), they create more fire in the more standard heavy metal “Dog in the Manger”. The ending of th refrain strong “Trust in God” and the almost ideal “Til I´m Dead” is convincing though. And the most disappointing track is actually “De-Organ-izer”, perhaps because I was expecting a big fat smack in the old punch-glass jaw… I wished for a bit more traditional german shouted chorus, I got some, I wished for some nifty and gritty guitar work and got quite a lot. But the world will not be terribly enriched with new raw opuses as back in the nineties.

Track List
Feed the Extermination
Tremendous Brutality
Ovulation Bitch
Storage of Anger
Dog in the Manger
Trust in God
Til I´m Dead

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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