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Diabolus Dust: Ruins of Mankind | FESTIVALPHOTO

Diabolus Dust: Ruins of Mankind



Massacre/Sound Pollution

Fresh-faced thrash quartet DIABOLUS DUST debuts with Massacre. Formed in 2006, the seminal line up of Jurgen Dachl, vocals, Roland Zehrer, bass, Stefan Fessert, drums, and Anton H. Lini concatenated in 2008. Old school is the aim, and thrash says the info sheet. Well, fire away.

They open with the title track, very old school in the first place. The old METALLICa fare works most of the time, they steer clear of latter day outings from Hetfield & co. The song thunders along but lacks a bit in the refrain department. Unfortunately DIABOLUS DUST lose their grip with songs 2-4. There might be echoes of everyone from ZAKK WYLDE to CLOVEN HOOF, but the refrains are not discernable from the verses in any way. It takes until track five, “Creatures”, a HOLOCAUST-sounding slower number before the band awakens. The refrain-based song surely raises my eyebrows. Then there is some pedestrian efforts before they finish in grand form with a trio of tracks. “In Vain” has a dissonant riff that stands out, transcending into a SLAYER/METALLICA hybrid with the best of both worlds. “The Mirror” has a refrain that varies on the “Wasted Years riff”, moving on to a faster and rougher style with affine refrain. The catchy heavy metal ending of “Never Surrender” actually brings SAXON to mind. But not for the reasons you believe. The song is about being on stage and believing in the band, a story-telling that glimpses of “And the Bands Played On” and “Rock the Nations”. DIABOLUS DUST saves face with some promising tracks, but also by leaving the thrash genre. I wouldn´t be at all surprised to see a style change with their next outing…

Track List
Ruins of Mankind
Fading to Grey
Blood Red Sky
Judgement Day
Out of Time
In Vain
The Mirror
Never Surrender

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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