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Trillium: Alloy | FESTIVALPHOTO

Trillium: Alloy




Amanda Somerville has made quite a name for herself, both in metal circles and as a vocal coach. Of US decent, but has relocated to Germany/Holland, to be where the action seems to be. Faithful to her previous career moves she is back with a rock/metal hybrid, involving the duo of Sascha Paeth and Miro (KAMELOT, AVANTASIA etc), handling guitars, bass, keys, drums and arrangements and keyboards respectively. The info claims the material to be in the vein of a mix of Annie Lennox, DORO, ROB ZOMBIE and Sade…what?

Odd, odd, odd. Opener “Machine Gun” can´t be described as a straight rocker. The production and mixing of the voice and the guitars seem strange for the genre. There are operatic parts, rock, pop, but also beautiful slow and steamy moments. This album is not for those who prefer their music as it has always been. I think that “Mistaken” is the first fine moment for me. It is more commercial without losing the edge of this effort to be unique. The refrain is tight and the performances immaculate. As soon as the pace slows Amanda shines. The raunchier moments in general makes her sound strained, or almost unnatural. But that same factor also makes the ending of “Slow It Down” and “Love Is an Illusion” the albums finest moment. I really like it when Amanda makes the most of her rather soft but exquisite voice. It seems Sweden´s old contribution by mezzo-soprano Malena Ernman to the European Song Contest has spawned. This might be ahead of its time, or not. But to me, this is way to pretentious for 2011.

Track List
Machine Gun
Utter Descension
Bow to the Ego
Scream It
Justifiable Casualty
Path of Least Resistance
Into the Dissonance
Slow It Down
Love Is an Illusion

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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