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Devil: Time to Repent | FESTIVALPHOTO

Devil: Time to Repent



Soulseller/Sound Pollution

DEVIL was formed in 2009, pledging allegiance to the likes of BLACK SABBATH and WITCHFINDER GENERAL. The demo “Magister Mundi Xum” did nothing to harm their chances. The info sheet decribes this album as a joyful trip to hell, not bad for a bluesy, doomy, heavy metal album.

Opener “The Welcome” provides a feeling last known by BLACK WIDOW, or DEMON´s “The Observation”. DEVIL hits right off with the WITCHFINDER GENERAL blueprint “Break the Curse”, and the more original “Blood Is Boiling”. The feeling of past times is there, as is the occult touches of a few Hammer movies. The album is mostly filled with ok music, but not as excellent or as void-filling as the next doom torchbearer should be. “Open Casket” gets on my nerves with its repetitiousness, and some of the refrains (e.g. “Howling (at the World)” are almost wafer thin. But the moment of grandeur is there also. “At the Blacksmiths” has the right forcefulness, style and refrain to do a new take on BLACK SABBATH`s ever-reviving rifferama. The bass line would have done Geezer proud too. But as a whole the album is a solid 3/5, but with some more method to the madness DEVIL may well become the next doomy stars…

Track List
The Welcome
Break the Curse
Blood Is Boiling
Time to Repent
Crazy Woman
Open Casket
Death of a Sorcerer
At the Blacksmiths
Howling (at the World)

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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