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Nunfuckritual: In Bondage to the Serpent | FESTIVALPHOTO

Nunfuckritual: In Bondage to the Serpent



Debemur Morti/Sound Pollution

NUNFUCKRITUAL sounds like a name conceived while inebriated, and why not? Behind the name stands Espen T. Hangård of ALTAAR, vocals, effects and keyboards, guitarist Teloch of MAYHEM, Andreas Jonsson on drums (TYRANT) and NUCLEAR ASSAULT bass man Dan Lilker. Extreme metal is on the menue, of cause, and blasphemy galore. The conception of the album has taken its toll, the first steps being taken back in 2006. Nothing much is said about the band´s future, if there is one with all members being in demand elsewhere, but here goes…

First out is “Theotokos”, heavy and d r a g g e d out opener with many effects. It may drag forever on but it is also very occult. Attila Csihar guests on the worst drag of them all, “Komodo Dragon”. After the thunderous intro I simply go to sleep. When the title track and “Christotokos” follow suite I really wish for an old NUCLEAR ASSAULT album. The same song seems to be gently modified, or even on repeat at times. Their finest moment is the slightly above average title track, an oddball with a lot of spoken words and various sketchy musical additions. The heavily blackened music drenches ever possibility of decent music, and the vocals are at best an enigma. Nope, this will not be in Santa´s bag either.

Track List
Komodo Dragon
Cursed Virgin, Pregnant Whore
In Bondage to the Serpent

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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