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Saltatio Mortis: Sturm aufs Paradies | FESTIVALPHOTO

Saltatio Mortis: Sturm aufs Paradies



Napalm/Sound Pollution

German mediaeval metal band SALTATO MORTIS has been quite successful. From humble beginnings in 2000, this combo has successfully combined their folk and metal influences and turned into a band to be counted with. Eight albums to date, and a highly successful DVD recently, sounds like more than they bargained for in the first place. They all have tongue wrecking names that are impossible to remember, perhaps the song material lingers better?

Contagious might be the right word. The mix of German rock, some metal and a lot of mediaeval instruments makes they boy wonders back home no doubt. The in-your-face character of the songs makes it difficult for me to see them as mediaeval, in spite of their colorful live show. Vocalist Alea der Bescheidene has a typical German pipe, raw and rocking, not in the same league as many other mediaeval inspired bands. The lyrics are exclusively in German, making for less attention over here, normally. The ending of “Der Letzte Spielmann” and “Wieder Unterwegs” are the highlights for me. The first is reminiscent of Swedish artist NORDMAN and the second is far off the dark ages, but poppy enough to be enjoyed. Maybe that is a way to sum up this band, SALTATO MORTIS are not very mediaeval, but still poppy enough for many to enjoy them. I wonder what British TV-show Time Team would say to that…

Track List
Habgier und Tod
Ode an die Feindschaft
Nachtigall und Rose
Gott Wurfelt Nicht
Nach Jahr und Tag
Spiel mit dem Feuer
Fiat Lux
Der Letzte Spielmann
Wieder Unterwegs

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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