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Nachtblut: Antik | FESTIVALPHOTO

Nachtblut: Antik



Napalm/Sound Pollution

Germany´s NACHTBLUT mix dark with gothic, techno and a slash of RAMMSTEIN. Starting up as a solo band of vocalist Askeroth the band soon evolved into a real band completed by guitarist Greif, bassist Sacerdos, drummer Skoll and keyboardist Lymantia. Love us or hate us seems to be the band motto, but they soon opened up for bands like EISREGEN and SODOM. In 2009 this album was first released, with a concept enough to be trendy. This is of cause a remastered
edition with four bonus tracks. So…impress me!

The initial softness of the title track transforms into soft troll metal sung in German. The feeling is a black metal band going poppy. They seem to move between troll metal, death and black. The techno additions in tracks like “Gedenkt der Toten” and “Hexe” really does nothing for me, a generation issue I think. The odest track must be “Kreutzigung”, which seems oddly hold back as a black metal track wanting to bloom as another genre. After the closing track “Kreutzritter” I´m convinced. This is a band severely restrained by their choice to go black every now and then.

Track List
Ijobs Botschaft
Die Blutgräfin
Gedenket der Toten
Die Mutter die Ihr Kind Verlor
Sturz des Ikarus
Des Menschen Kunst Blindheit zu Säen

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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