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Bitches Sin: The Rapture | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bitches Sin: The Rapture



Bitches Sin/Metal Nation Records

NWOBHM band BITCHES SIN was formed in circa 1980 and were quite prolific with the albums “Predator” and “Invaders”. By the mid eighties the band disbanded, transforming into FLASHPOINT who lasted for an album. As many of their peers the internet signaled a new dawn, with people expressing their interest and an ease to reach out with your music compared to the days of old. Today the band consists of the ubiquitous Ian Toomey on guitars, Steve Turton on drums, Chris Tsangarides, yes the famous producer, on guitars, Macca on bass and Dave Mills on vocals. Today´s band is a mix of ages and backgrounds, maybe that is the secret to a lasting lineup and final glory?

The opening guitar riff echoes of big 80´s productions, no wonder since Chris was responsible for quite a few of those we remember well. “Don´t Let Go” thunders along, with a more edgy voice than David´s rock background hinted. The basic song line is reminiscent of BLACK SABBATH, the melody is evident and the solo is top notch. The SIMON & GARFUNKEL cover “Sounds of Silence” has a life of its own, infused with GARY MOORE/THIN LIZZY fumes it has newfound lease as a groovy rock song. The album is actually filled to the brim with well-produced guitar patterns and chunky rhythms. The term “group effort” may sound worn out but the feeling is good on the whole. “Never Forget” has a DIO basic shape, as well as the faint Eastern touch. Solid bass and a gentle keyboard add to the experience. The British trademarks are all there, the voice is way more metal than I expected, and the continuation of the NWOBHM band is safe. I really enjoy their careful trademark care in songs like “Old School” and “Thanks for the Memories”. The latter might be about a totally different matter but I feel them to be content with and caring about their history, whilst looking forward to the next challenge. The title track is a blistering bombastic affair with a totally different touch than the rest of the album. As can be read in the fresh interview it was apparently one of those songs that just spew forth when Ian began creating it. The forceful chorus dominates and it does have an impact on me. Closing track “No Regrets” is a slow piece with acoustic guitars by drummer Steve, and violins to start with. All in all this is class material. I might miss the extreme standouts like “Ice Angels” or “Strangers on the Shore”, but the band is more even these days and I think there will be no more “Always Ready (for Love)”. This is a very recommended and promising album. Here´s to the next 20 years!

Track List
Don´t Let Go
Sounds of Silence
Save Me
Never Forget
The Rapture
Love and Faith
You Want Paradise
Old School
Thanks for the Memories
Hollow Man
No Regrets

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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Johnny Valle Johnny Valle Written 2012-01-15 11:58:02
Greetings, i run the OFFICIAL Bitches Sin band page on FACEBOOK for my bro Ian if you can put link under interview next other links more update to date than the myspace page no one uses many thanks!/pages/Bitches-Sin-UKofficial-nwobhm-legends/201966356526750