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Majesty: Own the Crown | FESTIVALPHOTO

Majesty: Own the Crown



Massacre/Sound Pollution

Leather clad Germans MAJESTY return to the scene with a 2 CD of something new and old, but nothing borrowed and nothing blue. Founded by vocalist Tarek “MS” Maghary in the late 90´s they have not blushed from worshipping MANOWAR openly. They have opened for their heroes, and claim to be true metal. After a name change in 2008 (to METAL FORCE) they now return with a mixed bag of tracks, of which tow are new, the title track and the touring life tribute “Metal on the Road” are brand new. Most of their treasury is here, from the deleted first (raw) demo tape to their latest reunion efforts.

To get started on the right foot, “Metal Law” is spiced up by the crude voice of UDO Dirkschneider. Not really necessary to enforce that barnstormer any more, it must be their finest moment. MANOWAR might as well be the originators of almost every track here. MAJESTY differs only in their surprisingly soft tracks, like the orchestrated version of “Guardians of the Dragongrail” and “Snow on the Mountains”. There is ample glorification of the band, their live shows, the venues and their fans. Every song must be written with the live situation in mind, since most of them are sing-along friendly. “Sons of the New Millenium” would even be a contender for the Eurovision Song Contest. A blast from the past is delivered with the old deleted demo. I know why the drummer is not still in the band since he seriously drags the music down. The sound is true demo, but surely a treat to the righteous. The title track is a nice sign of new life, a confident song with a fine refrain. “Metal on the Road” is pure video stuff. It is also a deadringer for SAVAGE`S old 1979 demo “Back on the Road”, a song which the latter seems to be ashamed of even to this day. MAJESTY is not MANOWAR, and probably only aim to be their back up, and tribute choir. Their minds are set, so who´s gonna stop them. They have also had some chart success in their native Germany so…welcome back.

Track List
Metal Law (Featuring UDO Dirkschneider)
Sword & Sorcery
Reign in Glory
Hail to Majesty
Guardians of the Dragongrail
Keep It True
Aria of Bravery
Fields of War
Son of Metal
Heavy Metal Battlecry
Sons of a New Millennium
Into the Stadiums
Metal to the Metalheads

Own the Crown (New Song)
Metal on the Road (New Song)
Snow Is On the Mountains (2011 version)
Freedom Warriors (2011 version)
Halloween (2011 version)
Geh den Weg (Remastered)
Make It. Not Break It (2006 Bonus Track)
Guardians of the Dragongrail Orchestral (2006 Bonus Track)
Troopers of Steel (Live)

First Majesty Demo
Pray and Die
Into the Night
We Will Ride
Guidance to Death

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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