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Unhertz: Herzschlag | FESTIVALPHOTO

Unhertz: Herzschlag



Massacre/Sound Pollution

Germany´s answer to GREEN DAY, THE DICTATORS and old Swedish band DOCENT DÖD (goes slightly metal). UNHERTZ releases their second album, with a more metal cover than suitable. Attitudes en masse and four chords can get you far, and they aim to prove it. They aim for live appearances, which is natural, Oktoberfest must be their natural habitat according to the info sheet. And the music?

The opener “Intro” doesn´t really represent the album. The enhanced sounds of a beating heart accompanied with some background sound from a horror movie or thereabouts are nowhere near the punk approach and, often, style that takes off 1.38 later. They hit it off with every beer drinking German hell-raiser at a festival with “Und Dunkelheit Wird Licht”. The voice echoes of empties beer crates, the catchiness is a punk version of oldies RUMBLE MILITIA and the refrain is even more in the pop vein. The sheer sing-along value of the title track, “Kein Paradies” and the festival-fuel of “20.000 Freunde” makes for several minor hit singles. It gets on my nerves in “Prall und Kugelrund” though, it feels so calculated in that very track, is there such a thing as water combed punk? But there is also songs with stamina, like “Halt die Fresse” with its BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN-like harmonica. I may not always like German lyrics, but UNHERTZ makes them work. And they are very amusing in that drunkard way…

Track List
Und Dunkelheit Wird Licht
Rette Mich
Prall und Kugelrund
Verlorene Welt
Halt die Fresse
Die Stimme Tief in Mir
Die Hölle Muss Schön Sein
Kein Paradies
20.000 Freunde

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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