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Sebastian Bach: Kicking & Screaming | FESTIVALPHOTO

Sebastian Bach: Kicking & Screaming




I actuallt had my doubts about how SEBASTIAN BACH would return, and if. Former SKID ROW vocalist has seen it all, fame, fortune, decline, and now, some sort of rise again. He still knew how to handle a crowd last time around at Sweden Rock, but his output was modest, or disheartening. Now he is back with an album that has caused a stir. Is it that good?

Looking for hair metal? Star somewhere else, the title track is more modern and edgy. The style of old is somewhat gone, but the song still packs a punch. The same goes most of the album. “Tunnelvision” is like a modern take on “Youth Gone Wild”, the soothing “Caught in a Dream” proves that Sebastian can still charm the ladies, at least those over 35. But there is something pedestrian about tracks like “As Long as I Got the Music”, “I´m Alive” and “Dirty Power”. That’s three in a row, which sort of puts things to a halt for me. It is not due to the band, Sebastian has a lot of experience, Bobby Jarzombek of RIOT fame knows the tricks of the trade, at the right pace, and Nick Sterling will be the talk of the town. Also, the production job is down to Bob Marlette, who has worked with everyone from BLACK SABBATH to ATREYU. Nope, I think the modern edge is to blame for the result. Please remember the good ole days Sebastian, your fans do, I´m sure.

Track List
Kicking & Screaming
My Own Worst Enemy
Dance on Your Grave
Caught in a Dream
As Long as I Got the Music
I´m Alive
Dirty Power
Live the Life
Dream Forever
One Good Reason
Lost in the Light

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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