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Sons of Seasons: Magnisphyricon | FESTIVALPHOTO

Sons of Seasons: Magnisphyricon



Napalm/Sound Pollution

Oliver Palotai, be sure to remember that name. Featured in the music of BLAZE, KAMELOT and DORO, the guitarist/keyboard player might not be a household name just yet. This is the second offering from SONS OF SEASONS, and a continuation of the ir chosen path says the info. The band also features METALIUM vocalist Henning Basse, guitarist Pepe Pierez, bass player Jurgen Steinmetz (SILENT FORCE, ROCK IGNITION), and drummer Daniel Schild. But now we delve into the multifaceted melodic symphonic metal that is the trade mark for SONS OF SEASONS.

The stage is never far away, and that is the theater in this case. The title track is actually an opener with choirs and other stage sounds, a theme that returns again and again during the 14 tracks. The sound is overall on the pompous side, melancholia is a penchant and there is constant variation. Maybe the album is a bit on the lengthy side since I feel tired towards the end. “Sanctuary” features the talents of EPICA´s vocalist Simone Simons, but I would actually not call it the highlight. I find the vaied and refrain-based “Lilith” and progressivity and grandeur of “1413” to be the undisputed highlights. The let-downs are the tedious Casus Belli songs, tracks with sharper vocals and an unnecessary hard edge to them. I think SONS OF SEASONS to be one of the most interesting bands today, but the rough edges need some attention. Will their third effort be their undisputed breakthrough?

Track List
Magnisphyricon: Temperance
Bubonic Waltz
Soul Symmetry
Casus Belli I: Guilt´s Mirror
Magnisphyricon: Adjustment
Into the Void
A Nightbird´s Gospel
Tales of Greed
Casus Belli II: Necrologue to the Unborn
Magnisphyricon: The Aeon

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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