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The Wheel: S/T



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Norwegians THE WHEEL may sound like a spoof, three Norwegians and a Russian bass player, but the last laugh will be on you. Since 2007 they have been strutting their stuff, which equals to a love of all things FREE, LED ZEPPELIN, VAN HALEN, SOUNDGARDEN, ALICE IN CHAINS etc. I´d personally like to add a bundle of bluesy hair bands like BADLANDS, perhaps CINDERELLA, aw, you´ll get the idea. They have already played alongside UFO and KEN HENSLEY, so what are they doing really?

First up is the extremely agreeable “Stand Up”. Anyone who has heard BANDLANDS and, probably, EXTREME will hum along. It fits like a glove to that audience. “Into the Water” reeks of UFO and LED ZEPPELIN, a typical seventies stomp. Next up is the simply titled “Love”. Not my bag quite, too much ALICE IN CHAINS with ROBERT PLANT on vocals. But then they bring me backto the bluesy 80´s, back to long hair and spandex plus a love of the previous decade. “Tellin´ No Lies” is a song I would like to have recorded myself! The same goes for “Comin´ Out”, oddly enough since it is way too high up in the sky with John Bonham & Co. A couple of ok tracks are in here, but as a whole THE WHEEL churn out very cozy stuff waving the banner of the best of decades gone by. That will probably do the thing for them for some time, especially with those faithful riffs and the strong vocals.

Track List
Stand Up
Into the Water
Tellin´ No Lies
Lost Soul
Comin´ On
Walk on Out
Cry of the Night
All This Time

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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Sigmund Ruud Sigmund Ruud Written 2011-09-18 16:16:39
A great debut album! They played support to Uriah Heep in Drammen, Norway last Friday. Very good and hard-hitting live band. In fact the same day as their album release. The album I find to be of a good variety of the above mentioned styles. A band to look out for by any hardrock/grunge fan.