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Work of Art: In Progress | FESTIVALPHOTO

Work of Art: In Progress




To the discerning AOR fan, WORK OF ART needs no introduction these days. But in 2007 old school friends Herman Furin, drums, Robert Säll, guitars, convinced Lars Säfsund, vocals and keyboards to finally help them finalize an idea from back in 1982. The ensuing debut album “Art Work” was hailed as a comet on the AOR sky, all quite rightfully. Comparisons to giants like... GIANT and TOTO were plenty, so I guess expectations have skyrocketed in the wait for this outing. So, what has been achieved?

A 4/5 review I believe. Opener “The Rain” was exactly to my liking, which also goes for “The Great Fall”, but that was that in terms of five star material. Most of the time WORK OF ART produce well-sounding highly enjoyable stolen goods from a previous decade. The vocals are almost totally impeccable, nothing much to add to the performance all in all, but when the notes consist of one word only, “TOTO”, I believe they need to do something on their own. They certainly have the musicianship and the knowledge, but they opt for over-safe. They do a good ballad, “Until You Believe”, and they do a lot right. But I need a certain percentage of new and fresh excitement. You will not be disappointed with this album, but you need to prepare for a 100 percent time-travel experience.

Track List
The Rain
Nature of the Game
Once Again
Never Love Again
Eye of the Storm
Until You Believe
The Great Fall
Call On Me
Fall Down
One Step Away

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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