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Solitude Aeturnus: In Times of Solitude | FESTIVALPHOTO

Solitude Aeturnus: In Times of Solitude



Massacre/Sound Pollution

Since early 1987 SOLITUDE AETURNUS has been master of gloom and doom in the US. After some line-up changes the band consisted of, John Perez and Edgar Rivera on guitars, vocalist Robert Lowe (also in CANDLEMASS these days), Lyle Steadham on bass and drummer John “Wolf” Covington. 1990 saw their full-length debut, “Into the Depth of Sorrow”, which has been followed by five more releases. But setbacks and member changes has prevented the same road to success as CANDLEMASS. Various labels have come and gone, but Massacre seems to remain. The underground legend has grown and developed, and I believe the time is right for a full-fledged reunion. But, alas, in the meantime we´ll make do with this compilation of demos. And this is not just any old demos. The “And Justice for All EP2 from ´88 is included, a live track and four rare bonus tracks from the vaults. How good can it be?

I personally love history lessons. This, is definitely doom history, warts and all. SOLITUDE AETURNUS might not be as neat and trendy as CANDLEMASS, but they still have a higher gear than the most dragged out chord-manglers of the genre. The sound on some tracks may call for a historic interest, especially the live rendition of “And Justice for All”. I personally stick with “Into Battle” and “Mirror of Sorrow”. The catchiness, the arrangements, and the ominous melodies are almost enchanting. The grooves are among the better of the genre, and I can see why they are still around, albeit in yet another incarnation. The rehearsal session outtake of “Rememberance of a Life” hits rock bottom sound-wise, as it is only a sort of a live recording. I am prepared to enjoy and forgive but all may not be so forgiving. If you have high demands of sound clarity, you may want to listen before making a purchase. If you are a sucker for a legendary band´s early history, and have a penchant for doom, well…what are you waiting for?

Track List
It Came Upon One Night (Demo Version 1988)
Transcending Sentinels (Demo Version 1988)
Into Battle (Demo Version 1988)
Sojourner (Demo Version 1988)
Where Angels Dare to Treat (Demo Version 1988)
Rememberance of a Life (Rehearsal Session 1897)
And Justice for All (Live at Joe´s Garage 1988)
Sojourner (Rehearsal Session 1988)
Mirror of Sorrow (Demo Tape 1988)

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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