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Isole: Silent Ruins | FESTIVALPHOTO

Isole: Silent Ruins



Isole: Silent Ruins 7p
I remember ISOLE from a couple of years back; all doom, death and dullness. I saw them at Motala Metal Festival and was not quite swept away by their material. Now in 2009 it is time for a new album and a new review.
The production feels better than ever and the pace has quickened. ISOLE has moved in the direction of CANDLEMASS but without being exact copycats. There is still more depression involved but bells, choirs etc makes it more enjoyable. The album consists of seven tracks, which means more pressure to keep interests up longer in each track. The opener though well executed, is overlong. “Forlorn” speeds things up a tad, but is more straightforward than epic and here Daniel Bryntse´s voice works very well. This move may well enhance their career possibilities. The next song is called “Nightfall” (hmmm), speaking about that other Swedish band. But the pace is picking up and the song is catchy and spirited without leaving the doom genre. But the slower parts that rely on melody seem to make ISOLE stand out on their own. “Hollow Shrine” opens in the same fine fashion. It suits this band to use double bass drums every now and then. Lead and background vocals works fine and the changes in pace too, even the entirely acoustic/drum part. Still my main problem is the length of some of the tracks. “Peccatum” epitomizes the low pace that I dread, I need to have my pacemaker adjusted to cope. The ending of “Dark Clouds” is ok, it could have done with some more speed, but that is only my opinion. I´d say this above average, and they have the potential to compete with bands like CANDLEMASS and SEMLAH in a near future…just add some pace…

Track list

From the Dark
Forlorn Nightfall Hollow Shrine
Dark Clouds

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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