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Icon In Me: Head Break Solution | FESTIVALPHOTO

Icon In Me: Head Break Solution



MDD/Sound Pollution

Gothenburg profile Tony JJ (Jelencovic I believe) has left MNEMIC behind but still has a firm foothold with M.A.N., TRANSPORT LEAGUE and now perhaps ICON IN ME can be added to the list. Apart from Tony the band consists of guitarists D. Frans (ex. HOSTILE BREED) and Artyon (ex. REIGN THE ABSOLUTE), bass player KONSTANTIN (ex. HOSTILE BREED) and drummer Morten (SOILWORK, HATESPHERE etc.). Guests include Glen Drover, ex. MEGADETH, Olof Mörck (NIGHTRAGE, AMARANTHE) to name but a few. Is this a band of ex´s or a band for the future?

I find the question to be hard, to be or not to be. The members will attract a following but what about the music. My short side notes say perhaps, nothing more. There is a tendency to be raw, one-dimensional and stuck in a previous decade. But there is also the guitar work, the trendy vocals and the melodic often keyboards interspersed parts. When they dare to slow down and develop their songs into more variation, perhaps being part of a new and more varied Gothenburg sound ICON IN ME hits their high points. This is probably best achieved in the modern thrashy “Wasted Ways” or “Lost for Nothing” with its unexpected breaks. But I think that will have to wait until album number two before ICON IN ME has fully developed.

Track List
Intro: Suicide World
Waysted Ways
Face It
The Quest
Lost for Nothing
Flood Kills
Nuclear Drama
Tired & Broken
Through the Sights
Aspects of the Unknown
Solid Child

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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