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Marienbad: Werk 1: Nachtfall | FESTIVALPHOTO

Marienbad: Werk 1: Nachtfall



Massacre/Sound Pollution

MARIENBAD was a town in former Germany Sudetenland (now the Czech Republic) that was flooded in the sixties. All inhabitants were relocated, all but twelve that refused and preferred to stay and wait for death. Quite a cosy setting for an epic depressed doomy outing like this. Masterminded by EISREGEN personnel M. Roth and Yantit, vocals and guitars/keyboards respectively, who are augmented by West on bass and Allen B. Konstanz on drums. Another thing is that you get two versions, both German and English lyrics versions are included.

Is there a difference between the same story in two languages? I believe there is. First up there is a certain vibrato to M Roth´s vocals in German that is not a s clear in English. The German moody version is also a lot more depressive that the somewhat lighter English disc. Like the difference between “Guten Tag” and “Cheerio”The English version is a 4/5, the storyline is exquisite, the songs have stamina and good ideas/arrangements and the slight KING DIAMOND touch of “The Yellow Mansion of Suicide” is simply haunting. The german variety is plagued by the typical vibrato voice of German dep rock, and German lyrics always make me feel gloomy. The intros are a bit on the long side in both versions, and the blackish growl that is used at times does them no favors. But the basic idea is worthy of your attention and those into German depressiveness…here´s a grabber!

Track List
CD1 German
Komm Nach Marienbad
Roslins Fluch
Sieben im Teich
Die Gelbe Villa der Selbstmörder
Unter Dammenkrone

CD2 English
Come to Marienbad
Roslin´s Curse
7 in the Lake
Night of Flames
Last Terminal
The Yellow Mansion of Suicide
Wall of Water
Under Dam Crest

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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