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Arachnes: A New Day | FESTIVALPHOTO

Arachnes: A New Day



Lion Music/Leading Digital Platforms

ARACHNES are part of Lion Music´s new digital venture. The band hails from Italy and is based around vocalist Enzo Caruso and his guitar playing brother Frank (STRINGS 24). They list influences from a wide scope, denoting DEEP PUROPLE and QUEEN via YES, ELP, as well as MILES DAVIS and classical music. Eleven new songs plus a cover of DEEP PURPLE`S “Fireball” are on offer.

Opener “I Know the Darkness” is a fine example of YES inspired Italian power metal. The slight prog touch blends well with Frank´s guitar work and a nice enough refrain, a highlight. The first half of the album is the most interesting, and they really excel. YNGWIE MALMSTEEN is probably the number one influence, though not cited, but still a vibrant part. Frank is as impressive here as in STRINGS 24, and is largely responsible for the success of songs like “I´m Sorry” and “Magic World”. The feeling of a hastily composed album creeps up as the four last tracks are quite inferior to the fine start. They sound like just about everybody else in an Italian prog/power metal band, and the “Fireball cover” is a faithful enough reproduction with few traces of the elegance, magic touch and enigma that made the first six songs stand out. With more time to prepare, I Believe, as well as to preserve the fresh ideas and spark that was present in the first half of this album, ARACHNES are at odds to make an impact.

Track List
I Know the Darkness
Big Hearth
I´m Sorry
Into the Fog
Magic World
My Face Is Hard
Running in an Old Town
Take Your Life
Parallel Worlds
The Reason of the Thing
Your Death
Fireball (DEEP PURPLE Cover)

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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