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Consortium Project V: Species | FESTIVALPHOTO

Consortium Project V: Species



Lion Music/Warner

CONSORTIUM PROJECT is the creation of Ian Perry (ELEGY etc.). Every album, this being the fifth since 1999, has featured an armada of prominent guests, and this time is no exception. Playing on this one are; guitarists like Stephan Lill (VANDEN PLAS), bassists like Kris Gildenlöw (PAIN OF SALVATION) and drummer Casey Grillo of KAMELOT. The epic story is based around the destruction of the earth and how females save the day. Ian celebrates 25 years in rock and metal, is it a worthy celebration?

This is supposed to be a heavy installment in the series, which is noted right from the start. Opening intro “Epilogue (Storyteller)” has a ring of KING DIAMOND to it, and together with the heavy and progressive “Life on Earth” it makes my expectations rise. Funny enough “The Worst Has Yet to Come” is one of the best tracks this consortium has ever produced. The forceful style, great refrain and well-placed keyboard patterns makes for a listening experience. From then on the album moves along fine, but without the magic moments of tracks two and four. The refrains are there, the emphasis on melody yet heavy structures and room for thought are incorporated in the songs. The title track is one of the better, the female choruses and Ian´s special voice works wonders together. The pace may often be mid-tempo, but that is mostly fine. The storytelling is great and the concept interesting. An album to discover, both for the progressively inclined and, perhaps, feminists.

Track List
Epilogue (Storyteller)
Life on Earth
Origins of Mankind
The Worst Has Yet to Come
An Untold Message
To the Earth and Back
Pitch Black
Silence Calling
Enemy Within

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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