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The Kris Norris Projekt: Icons of the Illogical | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Kris Norris Projekt: Icons of the Illogical


Kris Norris is not a name I remember. The information tells me that he has been a member of DARKEST HOUR, a name that only remotely rings a bell. On the other hand LAMB OF GOD vocalist Randy Blythe guests on this album and Cory Smoot of GWAR has been helping out mixing and producing. Opener “The Law of Falling Bodies” is dream-like and overlong, TANGERINE DREAM meets modern American metal in an odd mix. Things work out far better in the groovy “Everything Expires”. Kris displays fast-fingered technique that actually reminds me of Wolf Hoffman at times. Dave Gibson seems to be a tight drummer, and capable of changing paces. I was a bit thoughtful during the first track but Kris and his cohorts reveal a vastly bigger range of styles and paces as the record moves on. He succeeds in being heavy without cutting down on melody, I wonder why I never heard of this guy? Dave´s drumming and Dave Fugman´s bass provides a modern frame for the music. I bet that randy Blythe´s name will sell a number of copies extra but his grunts on “Palindrome” and Ghostly Shell Removal” I can do without. Swiftly onwards, via the ominously short “Wound of Amfortas” to “The Condition of Being Bored”. A track like that has nothing to do with boredom. It is almost hypnotically fast, both the drums and the guitar, but Kris has an eye (ear) for what can be done and never sacrifices the melody. The riffing and rocking “A Shift in Normalcy” I really do enjoy. The melody is very compelling, the drumming pulsating and it is a real rocker. That actually includes the calm mid part too. “The Bowman´s Friendship” and “The Brotherhood of Melancholy” are no worse. As long as Randy is nowhere near the mike and the first track is over Kris copes with the album. There is variation in the shape of jazz and classical parts here and there. I like this one, though it is not quite up to par with the two-three other albums that Magna Carta released the past five or six months. I believe that this might be aimed at those who are more modern in style and not typical buyers of instrumental albums.

Track List
The Law of Falling Bodies
Everything Expires
The Haegelian Principle
Lament, Remedy, Threnody
Ghostly Shell Removal
Wound of Amforas
The Condition of Being Bored
A Shift in Normalcy
The Bowman´s Friendship
Regression of the Ictus
Remaining Foolish
The Brotherhood of Melancholy
Servants of Sadness

Magna Carta/Border

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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