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Deviant Syndrome: Inflicted Deviations | FESTIVALPHOTO

Deviant Syndrome: Inflicted Deviations



MDD/Sound Pollution

Russian band DEVIANT SYNDROME can´t have been total beginners back when they formed in 2005. Melodic death metal is their game, and they obviously got popular with the demo “Pictures of Declared Existence”. This album was first released in Russia, but now MDD has decided to put it out in Europe.

I never get these short and ignorable intros. I know they have been popular I am not moved. I immediately note that INFLICTED DEVIATIONS is a tight lot who mixes guitar fueled heavy metal with touches and arrangements of black. The voice of guitarist George Shchelbanin is a mixed bag, from Old School to obnoxious vomits. But the music often speaks for itself. Songs like “Seal of a Star Dweller”, “Consequence”, “Liberation” and the highly melodic album closer “Drowned in the Frozen Sun” are five star material. Their hard side, like “A Day to Fall” is not as enjoyable as when they spice up their love for 80´s heavy metal with the best 5 percent of symphonic black metal. The guitar attack of George and Eugene Sibrisky is the highlight of the album, the atmospheric keyboards not far behind (but not as prominent). The riffs seem to have no end, and I believe they rate far above the Norwegian hordes and their seemingly endless high-pitched non-descript beginners riffs. The toucheds of power metal on offer here puts DEVIANT SYNDROME ahead of the pack, if not quite up there with CHILDREN OF BODUM. But bear in mind, this is only their debut. Perhaps the Finns do well to fear the Russian bear even in this day…

Track List
Harbingers of Extinction
Blessing the Emptiness
Entire Cosmic Elements
Seal of a Star Dweller
The Wicked
A Day to Fall
Drowned in the Frozen Sun

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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Olga Olga Written 2012-04-09 06:03:31
Melodic death band Deviant Syndrome from Moscow kicked off their second album recording sessions. The work entitled "66 Ways to Redemption" will include nine versatile songs connected in one strong concept. The plot of the story is held in secret. Musicians characterize their work to be significantly heavier than "Inflicted Deviations" reaching far into adjacent genres. Alongside thrash, black and technical death elements one may hear modern metalcore-like riffs. Album is planned to be released in Autumn 2012.