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Necrovorous: Funeral for the Sane | FESTIVALPHOTO

Necrovorous: Funeral for the Sane



Pulverised/Sound Pollution

Greek death metal vehicle NECRONOVOROUS debuts with foul and sickening death metal, is that flattering? Doomy overtones and firm roots in the early nineties are promised. The blurred artwork may bring on connotations if days gone, but what about the music?

With a guitarist/vocalist called Archfiend DevilPig my expectations lower. The info recommends this album to fans of AUTPSY, ASPHYX and DEATH, the latter sounds intriguing. The rest of the guys in the band are apparently known as Shiteater, drums, Grave Defiler, bass, and Soul Extractor, lead guitar. There is actually hope for this fiendish and messy lot. They may not win any prizes, but there are some interesting grooves in the likes of the excellent “The Flesh That Smiles”, the headbanging inducing “Malignant Entrapment” and the Stockholm influenced “The Vilest of All Dreams”. They lose pace around the middle with “Mind Lacerations” and “Deathknells”, which sort of almost equals the score. This will not be known as the grittiest and most eyed debut of all time, but they will have some followers.

Track List
Sanity´s Fall
Succubus Dormitory
The Flesh That Smiles
The Vilest of All Dreams
Mind Lacerations
Malignant Entrapment
Spawn of Self Abhorence
Funeral for the Sane
Dwellers of My Flesh

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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