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Christopher Cross - Doctor faith | FESTIVALPHOTO

Christopher Cross - Doctor faith



"Doctor faith" is Christopher Cross's first album of new material for 12 years. Christopher Cross is a singer-songwriter from Texas with a career spaning over thirty years. He is best known for his top ten hits "Sailing", "Ride like the wind", and the theme from the movie Arthur (the original starring Dudley Moore), "Arthurs theme (best that you can do)".

The gentle melodies and the thoughtful lyrics combine to make a very good album and unlike many albums of this genre, the lyrics are not just about love and other sickly sweet subjects. "I'm too old for this" for instance has quite cutting insightful lyrics and is definitely my favourite track from the album.

The album features guest appearances from Michael McDonald, Eric Johnson and David Mann.


1. Hey Kid
2. I’m Too Old For This
3. When You Come Home
4. Dreamers
5. November
6. Leave it To Me
7. Doctor Faith
8. Rescue
9. Help Me Cry
10. Still I Resist
11. Poor Man’s Ecstasy
12. Everything
13. Prayin'

Writer: Anthony May
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