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Attica Rage - Road dog | FESTIVALPHOTO

Attica Rage - Road dog



"Road dog" is the second album from Glasgow rockers, Attica Rage. Their brand of heavy uncompromising old-school hard rock is refreshing - straight to the point music you can enjoy rocking out to. After self releasing their first album, this is their first release since signing with Rocksector records.

The album kicks off with "36 Insane" - a track that straight from the start blows you away with its power and energy.
"Road dog forever" kicks off with the sound of a motorbike engine starting, which then seamlessly merges into some blues slide guitar before the rest of the band join in and kick it up a gear.
"Contradictions" has a superb crushing riff running through it which really makes this song stand out.
"Altea" in a slow delicate instrumental featuring acoustic guitar and believe it or not, Cello - an unusual choice of instrument for this hard rocking band, but "Altea" gives you a chance to relax and catch your breath before the next hard-rocking song kicks in.

Attica Rage can be proud of this album - full of good strong tracks, and they sound great live. With an album like this plus great live shows, its easy to see how they earned their place on the bill for this years High Voltage festival.

Overall this is a really good solid album that will appeal to fans of bands like Motorhead and Saxon - good old fashioned British rock music played to perfection - go out and buy a copy now !

Track listing:

1. 36 Insane
2. Hacked For Vanity
3. Road Dog Forever
4. Through The Inner Eye
5. Contradictions
6. Ashamed
7. High
8. Lost
9. Altea
10. Altered Reality
11. One Minute Silence
12. Change In The Iris
13. Swimming With Sharks
14. Back To The Old School

Writer: Anthony May
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