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Kivimetsan Druidi - Betrayal Justice Revenge | FESTIVALPHOTO

Kivimetsan Druidi - Betrayal Justice Revenge



This is the second album from Finnish metallers Kivimetsan Druidi, and is the follow up to their 2008 debut album "Shadowheart". Kivimetsan Druidi have a heavy folk metal sound, with the use of traditional folk instruments. Vocals are mainly handled by their female singer Leeni Maria who provides clean operatic style singing, with male vocals providing the grunts and growls and chanting choruses.

Comparisons between Kivimetsan Druidi and Battlelore are inevitable - both bands are from Finland, both bands have the male members with painted faces, both have a female lead singer with male grunts/growls and both bands produce folk/symphonic metal. The main differences are that Leeni Maria has a far higher more operatic style of singing than Battlelore's Kaisa, and Kivimetsan Druidi play faster, heavier music than Battlelore. Despite this, fans of one should certainly check out the other.

"Touppein'nostelulaulu" is very reminiscent of Korpiklaani with its male vocals, folk instruments and folk metal feel, and this appears to have been deliberate as the track is dedicated to Korpiklaani.
"Of betrayal" is another track with male vocals throughout. Having these two tracks with male vocals rather than the entire album being female vocals adds to the variety and improves the album in my opinion.

If you like folk metal bands such as Battlelore or Korpiklaani, then this album is well worth checking out.


1. Lament for the fallen
2. Aesis Lilim
3. Seawitch and the sorceror
4. The visitor
5. Manalan vartija
6. Touppein'nostelulaulu
7. Chant of the winged one
8. Of Betrayal
9. Desolation: White wolf

Bonus tracks on special edition version of the album:
10. Veljet
11. Where hope and daylight lie

Writer: Anthony May
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