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Midnattsol - The Metamorphosis melody | FESTIVALPHOTO

Midnattsol - The Metamorphosis melody



The album opens with a beautiful haunting instrumental introduction, "Alv" which builds in power and tempo before the first real track on the album kicks in. The first "real" track on the album, is the title track - "The metamorphosis melody" and it opens with some powerful chugging guitars. The first minute of the track is really a guitar solo before the vocals of Carmen Elise Espenaes kick in. Carmen is the younger sister of Leave's Eyes singer, Liv Kristine, and a beautiful singing voice is clearly something that runs in the family. Carmen's vocal style is best described as operatic, but her vocals avoid the higher ranges and the lyrics are clearly heard and understood, which isnt always the case with some singers with an operatic style.
Unlike Leaves Eyes, Midnattsol have very little folk influence - the only track on the album with a folk sound is the acoustic ballad "Goodbye". The rest of the album is probably best described as Symphonic Power Metal. The excellent guitar work on this album sometimes overshadows the excellent vocals by Carmen, but generally the music and vocals complement each other superbly. The bonus track on the deluxe edition of the album ("A predators prey") differs from the rest of the album as it doesnt have Carmen's vocals - instead it has growling vocals from guitarist Daniel Droste.
My only minor criticism is that Birgit's bass seems to be so low in the mix that its barely audible for much of the time.

The deluxe limited edition version of the album comes with a bonus DVD, which consists of their performance at the Metal Female Voices Fest in Wieze, Belgium in October 2009. Consisting of 9 tracks this is well worth having. Given the choice then the deluxe limited edition version of the album is definitely the one for fans to go for - the DVD makes it excellent value.

Overall a great power metal album from this talented female fronted band. Definitely recommended.


1. Alv (Instrumental)
2. The metamorphosis melody
3. Spellbound
4. The tide
5. A poets prayer
6. Forlorn
7. Kong Valemons Kamp
8. Goodbye
9. Forvandlingen
10. Motets Makt
11. My Re-creation

12. A predators Prey (bonus track)

DVD "En Natt I Wieze" (Limited Edition)
Midnattsol Live at Metal Female Voices Fest VII

1. En Natt I Nord
2. Haunted
3. Northern Light
4. Konkylie
5. Open Your Eyes)
6. Lament
8. Skogens Lengsel
9. Tapt Av Håp

Writer: Anthony May
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