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Kings X & Klone - Electric Ballroom, London - 12/04/2011 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Kings X & Klone - Electric Ballroom, London - 12/04/2011



First up tonight are Klone, a metal band from France. I have to be brutally honest here and say that they didnt impress me at all. While they're clearly good musicians, they didnt stand out in any way and just felt dull and uninspiring I'm afraid. Sadly the number of people standing talking at the bar rather than watching them suggests that I'm not alone in this opinion.

Tonights headliners are Kings X. This American three piece released their first album in 1988. Since then they've released a dozen or so albums, so they have plenty of material to pick from for tonights set. The Electric Ballroom isnt sold out tonight but there is still a big crowd - particularly good for a midweek gig.
After the truly awful lighting for Klone I had hoped for better for the headliners, but once again the band was very poorly lit which I thought was
disappointing. Despite this disappointment everything else about tonights show was excellent. The band have that ability to put in an excellent set and to make it look easy - a skill that only comes with experience. The bands music is hard to categorise - its heavy rock but with a number of other influences - for me its probably best simply described as great blues rock music.
The encore was particularly impressive - it started with Goldilox, but instead of performing it as it is on the album, the band simply played the music and the audience sang the words. I was surprised how many fans seemed to know all the words to the song - it seemed like almost everyone in the venue was singing along. Following this was "Over my head" and finally "Visions" closed the show.
The lyrics to "Go tell somebody", one of the songs Kings X played tonight include the line "If you like what you hear, go tell somebody". Well I have to say I liked what I heard and am happy to tell everybody - go check out Kings X. This band definitely deserve a higher profile in the UK than they seem to enjoy - hopefully they'll play a UK festival before too long which would introduce them to a much wider audience, as music this good deserves to be heard by a lot more people.

Kings X photos:

Kings X setlist:

The train
What is this?
Black flag
In the new age
Go tell somebody
We were born to be loved

Over my head

Writer: Anthony May
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